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Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  Most of this journal is friends only, as there may be some identifying information contained within.  Please comment to be added. :)

(Axe murderers need not apply.)

Goodbye Icons
My last entry for the Seven Works challenge at atlaland!  Prompt #32: Goodbye


[15] Noatok/Tarrlokk, finale icons

Goodbye to our old lives.Collapse )

Challenge 12: Weekly Quick Fic (4)

Title: Revelation
Prompts: behind enemy lines (writerverse) 
Bonus? Yes
Word Count: 200 exactly 
Rating: PG 
Original/Fandom: Original 
Pairings: Cassie/Mona 
Warnings: none 
Summary: This is an AU of my two original characters who, normally in the Revel universe and in their twenties, are in this drabble real-world high school students.  It's also AU because in this drabble Cassie is romantically attracted to Mona, whereas in Revel they're just good friends.  As for plot, this is just a little snippet of Mona coming up with a plan while they're in class.

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Writerverse Table of Doom!

Here's my Master table for writerverse's Table of Doom prompts, which are due by Aug. 31st!

I'll be filling this out and linking to the finished pieces as I go along.

#PromptWord Count#PromptWord Count#PromptWord Count
#01LostWC#02Moon#03Song (Be Ok)WC
#04Picture (Butterflies)WC#05"Make a Wish"WC#06Song (Fotografia)WC
#07Picture (Eternal)Sonnet or Sestina#08Never and AlwaysN/A#09QuoteWC
#10BalloonsWC#11Tiananmen SquareWC#12PencilsWC
#13QuoteWC#14HeroesWC#15Rocking HorseWC

15 Kyoshi Warrior Icons
korra 02
We've got about four days left in the 7 Works Challenge over at atlalan, and if I finish all seven I get 50 bonus points-- so I'm getting down to business to crank out three more responses to the prompts I chose.  These are in response to prompt #34: Kyoshi Warriors.

[15] Kyoshi Warrior icons (which, let's be real, they're mostly Suki & Avatar Kyoshi)

Feel free to snag, comment, etc.

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Seven Works Challenge: Love (3 banners)
Lin Beifong
I've been motoring through the Seven Works Challenge over in atlaland!  This time around it's 3 banners for prompt #8: Love.

Also, gosh I love rounded corners. :3  They're so pretty and clean, I just can't stop.

You can snag these to represent your ship(s), bling out your webspace, or use as a sig somewhere, or do whatever you'd like with them!  All I ask is that you leave a comment here. :)  Credit is optional.

7 Works Challenge: Minor Character
korra 02

For the atlaland Seven Works Challenge.  This fills prompt #18: Minor Character.  I chose to make icons of three different minor characters from Book I.

Feel free to snag 'em and comments are <3.


[5] Haru icons
[5] June icons
[5] Meng icons

Major characters are the minor characters of minor characters' lives.Collapse )

7 Works Challenge: Myth/Legend
Lin Beifong
Here's my first submission for the atlaland 7 Works Challenge-- the prompt is #7 Myth/Legend.  I chose to make 16 icons featuring the Blue Spirit (aka Zuko dressed up as the blue spirit).

These caps were really dark and difficult to work with, but I'm happy with how most of these turned out. :)  Feel free to snag and enjoy!  Comments are cuddled and hugged and loved for days, so feel free to leave them. :)

My honor, my throne, my country. I'm about to lose them all.Collapse )

Legends of Korra Icons
raspberries default
[20] Legend of Korra icons
Korra, Bo Lin, Mako, Asami, Lin, Tenzin, and Cabbage Man.

Check them out!

20 LoK icons behind the cut!Collapse )


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